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We are taught a mind-numbing number of B.S. narratives about food, success, love, etc. throughout our entire lives. I help people to recognize those narratives, to give those narratives the middle finger, and to take steps toward an empowered present and future. Shatter the narrative, and reach your higher self.

My Core Beliefs

Being healthy and living more fully should be achievable, accessible, and practical for everyone regardless of their age, job, or family situation. If you fit into any of the following categories, welcome! This is a place for you!

  • You work a desk job (or any sedentary job).
  • You are not a “spring chicken.”
  • You either don’t believe that you have time to work out or truly do not have time for exercise.
  • You want to lose weight.
  • You want to be healthier.
  • You are motivated to learn how to eat either plant-based or more plant-based.
  • You are sick of yo-yo-ing.
  • You are tired of feeling trapped in a never-ending cycle of steady weight gain that is due to your work (and you’re not a rich trust-fund baby who can just up and leave your job).
  • You’re looking for someone who:
    • will help hold you accountable,
    • can teach you the truth about food in down-to-Earth language,
    • can work with your particular needs, circumstances, and goals, and
    • who has been there and has overcome the same obstacles!

Big Pharma and gigantic fast-food corporations would have you believe that you are a victim of your genetics, that you can only lose weight if you exercise, that eating healthfully is not affordable or convenient, and that you cannot prevent or reverse diseases like type-2 diabetes, heart disease, or cancer. None of this is true!

They sell you messages that you’re the one to blame for being overweight. This is nothing but a bunch of B.S. nonsense, and my goal is to support you.

My name is Jessie Zaylia. I have studied food, nutrition, and health for years and have hundreds of hours of research under my belt. I earned a certificate in plant-based nutrition through Cornell in 2017 and have been helping people demystify the confusing and shame-ridden messages about food and weight ever since. The fact is that you can lose weight, even if you have a desk job, and even if you don’t work out. I’ve done it, and the research shows that this is completely achievable!

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What People Are Saying About My Speaking Gigs & Trainings

"You are a great speaker!"
- Joy Jain

"I have always all ways found you to be bright, alert, and refreshing, even at 8:45 on a Saturday morning. Your firm handshake shows you are serious about your health, and you carry that serious health attitude to the stage, where you take your audience on a tour de force through a maze of complicated issues that you then break down on a practical level for all to understand. It goes without saying, you know all too well it’s nice to be important but more important to be nice."
- Steven Block

"You definitely have great presentation skills!"
- Nerissa Burnside

"Although we have only met a few times, each occasion was memorable. You are hilarious, generous with your time, and wildly intelligent."
- James Lepadat

"I loved your trainings, sense of humor, presence, and most of all, your magnetic energy."
- ShayTrias


My approach is to bring energy, humor, connection, research, and real-life experiences (both good and bad) to my community. I don't waste time with sugar-coating. I'm direct, practical, and feisty. From a decade-long waitress to a full partner at a law firm, I rose through the ranks by deeply caring about the lives of clients, colleagues, and employees. Then I left it all for a higher calling while preserving my values. This starts with transparency and health. Once we understand that we've been operating in B.S., we can shatter that narrative to improve our lives.