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Health Boss Blueprint. The only weight-loss course to value your personality, your realtity, your vitality.


"Thank you. My weight is definitely decreasing. I appreciate the tips you’ve provided. Slow and steady has worked for me. In a few days, I lost 2 pounds, and I’ve already lost another 2… in less than a week! With just some simple adjustments!” - M.H.

“Thank you so much for being so considerate and helpful. You have made me feel better already! I really feel you are spot on about my cravings. You thoroughly answered my questions, which has resulted in me not overthinking things. I really appreciate your clear and concise tips and knowledge.” - R.Y.

"I wanted to take the time to write a proper thank you for the sessions over these past couple of months. Your positive energy and drive have been enormously inspiring to me (and oftentimes infectious), and you really gave me the oomph that I needed with such warmth, encouragement, and good humor." - Claudine R.

"Love the advice around the use of the word CHEAT and the guidance on delayed gratification. That's an amazing takeaway 🙌 Thank you 😁" - J.P.

"My journey isn't quite over as I've still got a further goal to get to, but I can sense a palpable shift in my approach to this plan, and it's in huge part thanks to you. Much appreciated! I will refer to the notes of our sessions again and again, I'm sure. I was struck at how you listened and reflected where I was at. And you have shared countless things to think about and try. Thanks for being so open and honest." - C.R.

Value your personality, reality & vitality.

We value your food personality so much that we've made it the cornerstone of our entire program because it is the key to your success. You can transform your health and body by leaning in to your personality to achieve your goals. No forcing. No deprivation. No white-knuckling it.

Valuing your reality means respecting your time, money, and body. You're a busy professional, so there's no time-sucking recipes or impossible-to-find foods. No slow-drip monthly plan to track. No treadmills. No wasting your time. Your reality is also your body; you're a walking chemical factory, so understanding how foods impact your goals is crucial.

We value your vitality by paving a path that takes you from fluffy to fit so you can feel comfortable in your clothes, confident out of them, & energized to level up! No more persuading yourself that "this is just a part of getting older" or that you "feel fine" when, deep down, you don't.

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A weight-loss plan will only work for you if it works with your personality, not against it. To find out more about your Food Personality, take the quiz HERE!


Through over 1,000 hours of research and years of weight-loss coaching experience, your food personality is assessed and matched with an eating path that is scientifically proven to help you go from fluffy to fit without exercise.


We are the only weight-loss course that values your personality, your reality, & your vitality.

Become your own Health Boss so that you you can lose excess weight *without exercise* while improving your comfort, confidence, & energy!

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The Health Boss Blueprint program is customizable to your food personality and allows you to lean in (rather than making you fit the square peg of your personality into the round hole of another "diet").

Science is important, but it's not everything because a workable plan must also fit your personality. If any "guru" is telling you that there's "one way" to lose weight, run in the other direction.


There are many scientifically supported ways to lose excess weight without exercise.

Finding a way that works for your personality is key, and it's where we can help.

What's your food personality?

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Watch the full Masterclass! It explains the precise steps of the program in detail.

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It's not about getting as skinny as possible. It's about being comfortable in your clothes, confident out of them, and energized to level up. It's about feeling your best, owning your time, and being present for yourself, your career, and your loved ones.

There can be a lot of flexibility in your plan, but if what you've been doing (or haven't been doing) isn't working, the question becomes something that my father once taught me: are you willing to help yourself... help yourself?

A program can provide a lot, from tools to guidance to customized plans. But only you can bring about your own transformation because only you can do your own work. So, if you're willing and ready to "help yourself help yourself," then it's time to book a call.

FULL MASTERCLASS: Unveiling Our Whole Process


My approach as a Health Boss is to bring understanding and flexibility to the table.
Everyone has different preferences and levels of tolerance. I have a particular affinity for people with desk jobs because I know at a visceral level how you feel. Your job is time-consuming, sedentary, and stressful as can be.

As a weight-loss coach, it's important to listen to your goals and to create a plan that works with you rather than against you.

All weight-loss journeys have ebbs and flows, and a solid, time-tested plan can allow for workable "tweaks" that make your success not only possible but probable. These tweaks to your plan can be implemented as you go in a way that lines up with your lifestyle as well as your personality.

The key is communication. I don't waste time with sugar-coating. Taking after my beloved mentor, Dr. Patricia-Anne Johnson, I tend to be direct and practical. Embracing both words in the term "tough love" runs through my blood. From a decade-long waitress to a full partner at a law firm, I rose through the ranks by deeply caring about clients, colleagues, and employees.

I know that you have a stressful, sedentary job. And I also know that you can lose excess body fat despite not having time for exercise. If you'd like to learn how, you can watch my full masterclass here. It's completely FREE and unveils every step that has enabled my clients lose weight without lifting a single dumbbell or getting on a treadmill.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel; feel free to reach out with any questions about how I can help you reach your goals. To inquire about the Health Boss Blueprint course, you can email me by clicking on the "Message Jessie" button below.

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