Health Boss Blueprint:
personality-driven, scientifically backed weight loss for desk jockeys

summer 2020

I help desk-job professionals go from fluffy to fit (without exercise) so that they can feel comfortable, confident, and energized!

Science is important, but it's not everything because a workable plan also has to fit your personality. There are many scientifically supported ways to lose excess weight; finding a way that works for your personality is where I come in.

Let's Do This!
It's not about getting as skinny as possible. It's about being comfortable and confident both inside your clothes and out of them. It's about having energy and feeling your best! There can be a lot of flexibility in your plan, but if what you've been doing (or haven't been doing) isn't working, the question becomes: are you willing to help yourself... help yourself? I can provide a lot, from tools to guidance to specific plans. But only you can bring about your own transformation because only you can do your own work. So, if you're willing and ready to help yourself help yourself, then it's time to join the movement.

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Why I Left Being a Partner at a Law Firm to Start Weight-Loss Coaching

I was at my most frustrated point when I was a partner at a law firm because I was progressively gaining weight over the years at a sedentary and stressful job. I didn’t know how to lose weight without being able to take the time to make it to the gym.

I was craving to get back to my healthy set-point body weight, being comfortable in my clothes, and not feeling embarrassed to have photos taken of me at firm-related or client events.

In order to achieve a healthy weight, comfort, and “photo freedom,” I had to shift from focusing on the gym to recognizing that I could reach my goals through food alone—something that I could control and that didn’t take extra time or money. 

To learn more about this, I turned to nutrition-centered resources like Michael Greger, MD, Valtar Longo, PhD, and Neal Barnard, MD's presentation about food addiction.

When I shifted to focusing on food as my main mechanism for losing excess body fat, I felt empowered, liberated, and confident that my goals were within my power.

I went from nearly busting out of my larger clothes (while feeling hopeless about not exercising) to focusing on food so that I could return to a healthy weight, be comfortable in my clothes, and feel confident about having photos taken of me without sucking things in or standing at "just the right angle."

My story is the story of many professionals, so I decided to do something about it. 

My name is Jessie Zaylia. In 2018, I chose to pivot from helping law clients succeed in their legal matters to helping desk-job professionals succeed in their weight-loss goals. I have helped clients as far away as the UK lose excess weight with zero exercise. One client's husband even jumped on board because my methods were working so well for my client that her husband concluded, "I might aw well benefit, too!" Both lost the excess weight, and neither were placed on a workout plan.

Is exercise healthy for you? Yes! But the idea that you can't lose weight if you're not exercising is a BS narrative that is not serving you!

Regardless of what we've been taught, you can shed excess body fat without working out, counting calories, or losing energy. I’ve done it, and I am not an anomaly with "special" genes. I've helped others do it; they're not biological anomalies either.

The fact is that there are many ways to lose weight. Choosing methods that work for you is where I can help.

What People Are Saying About My Approach

"I wanted to take the time to write a proper thank you for the sessions over these past couple of months. Your positive energy and drive have been enormously inspiring to me (and oftentimes infectious), and you really gave me the oomph that I needed with such warmth, encouragement, and good humour. My journey isn't quite over as I've still got a further goal to get to, but I can sense a palpable shift in my approach to this plan, and it's in huge part thanks to you. Much appreciated! I will refer to the notes of our sessions again and again, I'm sure. I was struck at how you listened and reflected where I was at. And you have shared countless things to think about and try. Thanks for being so open and honest."
- Claudine R.

"I have always all ways found you to be bright, alert, and refreshing, even at 8:45 on a Saturday morning. Your firm handshake shows you are serious about your health, and you carry that serious health attitude to the stage, where you take your audience on a tour de force through a maze of complicated issues that you then break down on a practical level for all to understand. It goes without saying, you know all too well it’s nice to be important but more important to be nice."
- Steven B.

"I loved your sense of humor, presence, and most of all, your magnetic energy."
- Shay T.


My approach as a Health Boss is to bring understanding and flexibility to the table. Everyone has different preferences and levels of tolerance. I have a particular affinity for people with desk jobs because I know at a visceral level how time-consuming, sedentary, and stressful this job can be.

As a weight-loss coach, it's important to listen to a client's goals and to create a plan that works with you rather than against you. All weight-loss journeys have ebbs and flows, and a coach can tweak your plan as you go in a way that lines up with your desires as well as your personality.

The key is communication. I don't waste time with sugar-coating. I'm direct and practical. From a decade-long waitress to a full partner at a law firm, I rose through the ranks by deeply caring about clients, colleagues, and employees. I know what it's like to have a stressful, sedentary job and how to lose body fat despite not having time for exercise.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel; feel free to reach out with any questions about how I can help you reach your goals. To inquire about my coaching, you can email me by clicking on the "Contact Jessie" button below.


2004 - began publishing peer-reviewed articles and presenting research across the U.S.
2005 - turned vegetarian
2006 - turned vegetarian; earned BA magna cum laude; awarded by my department as the Outstanding Graduate of my cohort
2010 - graduated from law school (University of San Diego) & began legal career; published law journal article about meat production, legislation, and health + environmental impacts
2014 - voted in as a law partner
2016 - turned vegan; started researching more about nutrition and the law in relation to food (politics, lobbying, etc. are all affecting our lives every day in a multi-layered fashion)
2017 - earned my certificate in plant-based nutrition (Cornell)
2018 - started nutrition coaching
2019 - turned 40 and began competing in fitness competitions (so far, winning 2 medals and 1 trophy in natural, drug-free federations)